The Central Coast Climate Collaborative is a membership organization fostering a network of local and regional community leaders throughout six Central Coast counties to address climate change mitigation and adaptation. The Collaborative involves representatives from local and regional government, business and agriculture, academia, and diverse community groups to share information and best practices, leverage efforts and resources and identify critical issues and needs. The Collaborative will engage all communities throughout the region to help ensure a resilient and low-carbon Central Coast prepared for the impacts of climate change. Collaborative will engage with other collaboratives throughout the state.


  1. Identify opportunities for regional action and serve as a clearinghouse for information and innovative solutions.
  2. Coordinate grants development and funding for regional and local plans and projects.
  3. Provide a voice to communicate a consistent message about the importance of resilient, low-carbon communities. Provide a voice at the state and federal level for issues specific to the Central Coast.
  4. Inform and empower organizations, communities, leaders and public officials to take action.
  5. Educate the next generation of climate professionals and identify research needs for the region’s universities.

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