4C is a member of the Alliance of Regional Collaboratives for Climate Adaptation (ARCCA), a coalition of collaboratives across California that are striving to build regional resilience to climate impacts.

ARCCA 2021 Legislative Tracker

Repository of Workshop Presentations

Toolkits & Workbooks

  • EPA & FEMA Regional Resilience Toolkit – A toolkit that focuses on disasters that occur at the regional scale. Creating a coordinated process across multiple jurisdictions can result in safer communities. The toolkit is set up to allow multiple jurisdictions and levels of government to work together for regional-scale actions. It also includes engagement with community groups and NGOs.
  • Georgetown Climate Center Managed Retreat Toolkit – Georgetown Climate Center’s new Managed Retreat Toolkit combines legal and policy tools, best and emerging practices, and case studies to support peer learning and decision-making around managed retreat and climate adaptation.
  • Clean Building Compass – Tools, case studies and templates to help local government navigate the climate crisis, ​inspire action and network with other local government staff. Made possible by the Building Decarbonization Coalition.